Thursday, March 6, 2008

(written 08.03.07—1:27 a.m.)

stop by trailer park
this restaurant in my neighborhood
to give Dionne
my waitress yesterday
who tried to upside down read my
d.a. levy and the mimeograph revolution book
before we talked poetry
and I mentioned the festival I’m throwing
this weekend
and said I’d try to bring her an issue of the paper
with the program inside
but in case I didn’t make it down there here’s the website
but I made it down today, with the new issue,
and the two before it,
and a copy of the portable boog reader, too,
Dionne said hello to me as I walked through the front door
And I handed her the issues and book
“can I give you something for this,” she said,
“no please,” I told her,
before waving and heading back toward the front door.
“you just made this a great day,” she yelled out.
“we all deserve to have a great day,” I told her.

(written 08.03.07—1:34 a.m.)

i like the way the way the way
you, you know
i like it

(written 08.08.07—10:25 p.m.)

a few feet,
you say
is all
gonna go for a ride
and stay ride here
my own midnight ride of paul revere
you say
is all

(written 08.08.07—10:30 p.m.)

don’t cash a check
that you can’t write
can’t it be just another
saturday night
let’s stay friends
it’s so much better
over two sawbucks
guess it’s now never

(written 08.08.07—10:35 p.m.)

yes it’s over
let’s call it a day
maybe I’ll sleep on my
bed the right way

five hours in two days
my words they start to slur
it’s over into a cab
I’m missing raymond burr

08.06.07—6:05 a.m.

if you ask me to pee on you
I’d say pee on me too
Like an r. kelly video
With helen of troy-ooh

It’s an unreleased track
That no one can buy
Just as long as you’re not peed on
By some other guy

Let’s not shower just yet,
Let’s linger in our gold
We only got a bit more
’til we’re 14 years old
and over the hill
that’s what he just said
14 years old
and we’re better off dead.

(written 08.08.07—10:48 p.m.)

fulfill my needs
and I’ll fulfill yrs
stop whining about it
and open your pores

I’ve got a milk mask
To cover yr face
I gotta call allah
To clean my place

08.08.07—10:49 p.m.

I’m gonna sleep tonight
I hope
I’m gonna sleep tonight
Helped by dope

And I’ll feel so swell
In the morn
Like a bitty boy
Been reborn

I’m gonna sleep tonight
I hope

08.09.07—9:42 p.m.

sleepy is
as sleepy does
i’m like i
never was
a tall strong boy
gone button hook
here ya go coach
it’s my playbook

(written 08.11.07—7:18 p.m.)

my futon’s clean
now my bed’s a mess
apartment four or five
garbage bag’s less

slept on my futon,
since it was clean
i’d forgotten that its
cover was green

tonight i won’t
open it
too hard to close
was a tight fit

he’s coming home
in five days
more to sort
i’ve come a ways.

(written 08.13.07—11:42 p.m.)

they say it’s yr birthday
two days ago
lets eat food with no faces
let’s put on a show
we’re gonna have a good time

(written 08.13.07—11:44 p.m.)

up early
sleeping better
watch some tv
read the papers
my futon clear
my bed all covered
not dealing right now

08.13.07—11:47 p.m.

called in to copy edit
now ny press, too.
their managing editor
reviews some of their style issues.
“we don’t use the serial comma,” he says.
“handjob and blowjob are each one word.
“and we spell come c-o-m-e if it’s a noun or a verb.”

(written 08.18.07—1:18 a.m.)

no one told me there was a job available
until i asked
after seeing someone’s reply to a craig’s list posting
for copy editor wanted
we didn’t think you’d want to take a pay cut,
i was told.
my hat now in the ring
i’m not optimistic.

(written 08.19.07—5:24 p.m.)

tonight’s the night
that i’ll sleep right through
a solid six or seven or
dare i say eight hours

i know i shouldn’t keep
all that ice tea
on hand to drink
before bedtime

32 ounces
before my eyes close
wake in three, four hours
to go and pee

tonight’s the night
i know it is
i’ll sleep a solid six or seven
or dare i say eight hours

(written 08.19.07—4:41 p.m.)

sam and julie weren’t home
but their machine did pickup and i said
“hey sam and julie.
i don’t know if you have cable
but if you do i know that you like elvis
and, well, as you guessed it,
he’s all over the tv
put on turner classic movies,
now jailhouse rock and then clambake.
talk to you soon.”

(written 08.19.07—4:51 p.m.)

i liked high school musical
and i’m 40 yrs old
and i don’t care about yr snicker
because i like high school musical
and i’m 40 yrs old
and they did a real good job
with the singing and the dancing
and i cried at all the right points.

so tonight is the sequel
high school musical 2
and it was just ok
sometimes things turn out that way
but i like high school musical
and number two’s ok by me
and i’m 40 yrs old
i’ll like ’em when i’m 83.

(written 08.19.07—5:05 p.m.)

a bunch of friends
when they heard the police had gotten back together
that they were opening the grammy’s
emailed me or called me
knowing they were long one of my favorites
and they asked if i was going to go see them
and i told them all the same thing
that on august 18, 1983,
24 years ago today,
that preceded by an unknown r.e.m.
and then joan jett and the blackhearts
that i saw the police at shea stadium
and that was good enough for me.

(written 08.26.07—12:05 p.m.)

celebrate good hemoglobin A1C # by buying lots of sugar:

welch’s grape
Hawaiian punch
4-orange powerades
2-red powerades
2-1/2 gallons oj
box of entenmann’s chocolate chip cookies, original recipe
pint haagen dazs vanilla swiss almond
pint haagen dazs chocolate chocolate chip
feet still tingle

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